Corporate Gifts

Make a true difference with our Customised Backgammon Sets.



For every milestone that deserves to be marked, celebrate your company’s achievements with our collection of VIDO Corporate Gifts.

Whether to reward your teams or treat your clients and influencers, our backgammon sets will make a true impression.

With our customised gifts, not only will they feel grateful as they receive their present: They'll remember your Brand every time they play or glance at these beautifully designed pieces.


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High-quality Backgammon for a lasting impression

Designed by nomadic French travellers, our luxury boards are exclusively made from high quality, ethically sourced materials for the best backgammon experience. Our collection offers a wide choice of modern colours and textures.

Each VIDO set is carefully crafted using vegan leather, durable metal, refined velvet, and premium backgammon pieces with a beautiful mother-of-pearl finish.

Our boards come in 2 sizes: Large 51 cm and Medium 38cm.


Logo Plate Engraving

High-quality engraving of your logo or customer name on premium metallic plate. 



Gift Boxes

Add a personalised and elegant note with our premium gift boxes.

Choose the colour and foiling of your Gift Box to match your brand identity and message.








And more...

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