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Double up

on Memories

Here, at VIDO, Backgammon is more than a simple board game: it is a way for friends and families to create beautiful memories together.

Sitting by the water on a sunny day and playfully challenging your friend to double the stakes across a beautifully designed backgammon board…

That to us represents the very spirit of backgammon, and each VIDO set is a celebration of those good times and camaraderie that often go on to become life’s most cherished moments.

A Tribute to


Our mission is to share the carefree joie de vivre that backgammon brings in a manner that is authentic, contemporary and sustainable.

Designed by nomadic French travellers, our colourful sets are exclusively made from high quality, ethically sourced materials for a backgammon experience that goes wherever life takes you.



Derived from the French term ‘videau’, which
references our iconic crystal doubling cube, to double both the stakes and the fun of the Backgammon game!

Its Time To Up The Ante

“At VIDO, we are passionate about creating memories that last a lifetime. We are bringing back the tradition of backgammon to help you unwind and connect with the people you love most.

Each set brings with it the carefree bohemian spirit of the Mediterranean; designed to infuse fun and laughter wherever life takes you. No matter your playground or your opponent, you can count on VIDO for upping the ante every single time.

The only question left to ask is: Are you game?”

Antoine & Xavier
Co-Founders of VIDO